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Perfect Lies Golf
Tomkins Cove, New York

Visit Our Perfect Lies Golf Website
155 Mott Farm Rd
Tomkins Cove, New York 10986

Find the Best Custom Golf Club Fitter  Near Tomkins Cove, New York

9 to 9 daily by appointment only

We are conveniently located 45 minutes north of NY CIty, near Bear Mountain NY minutes away from Bergen County and Westchester COunties

We are a full service custom club facility, including UST/Mamiya Tour SPX distributor also featuring Accra and KBS Shafts. All work done in our shop, we only do frequency matched club work for the same price as our competitors standard work. 

All fittings are done by certified tour shaft fitters with our state of the art shaft fitting system and portable launch monitors, dont be fit in a studio get out in the real world and watch the ball's flight and compare it on the monitor.

We carry Tom Wishon Golf technology, Alpha Golf, Acer Technology or any of the OEM heads you prefer. Come see the difference custom fitting makes, please visit: This Website Link.

Our clubs are different, they come with instructions!

Tour certified shaft fitters for UST/Mamiya, Accra, and KBS. We are also a UST/Mamiya Tour SPX distributor, step up to the difference true performance gives you

From Tom Wishon Design technology to Titleist we have it all, everything you need for your perfect set of clubs. We only do custom frequency matched sets of clubs, unlike other shops that claim they do frequency matched work. We fit you to the exact CPM not a range like a 5.0 or 6.5 flex from a "Profiled" shaft. We use the exact head and shaft combination to build your clubs from.

We only do custom clubs, no shoes, bags, towels, ball's, just clubs. Frequency matching is our specialty unlike our competition, we are specialists. They say they frequency match shafts, thats all we do is frequency match clubs, there is a huge difference in performance and quality.

We also are an authorized distributor for Ernest SPorts Launch monitors and UST/Mamiya Tour SPX certified dealer. 

We have an indoor Launch Monitor and also use portable ES 12 & 14, our fitting sets are designed in 1 CPM increments to match your exact flex profile. Unlike the Competition that uses "profiled" shafts that are listed at 5.0 or 6.0 that cant even get close to your actual shaft loading profile. We are exact, and will build your clubs from the exact head and shadft combination you hit and guarantee it feels and performs exactly like the demo club you hit, or we will fix it to your satisfaction!  

Mention you saw our add here and recieve 10% off the purchase of new shafts! 

Dont be fooled by others that claim they frequency match, experience the difference true custom frequency matching makes. 

Our clubs are different, they come with instructions! 

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Summer 2024
New York Custom Golf Special Offers & Discounts

Be sure to ask your New York Custom Golf Club Builder or Fitter if they are offering any special deals for July Golf. It's a perfect time for an Summer Golf Club Tune Up, just to make sure everthing from grips to heads are still perfectly aligned and striking true.

Summer Custom Golf Club Fittings in New York Can Improve Your Golf Game

July Golf offers a whole new set of opportunities for improvement for golfers, especially in 'warmer' climates. Let your New York Custom Club Fitter help you through any adjustments you'll need for better summer play.

New York Custom Golf Club Fitters & Builders Offer a Wide Range of Custom Golf Services

Be sure to check each listing under GOLF SERVICES OFFERED for the range of golf services provided by each New York Custom Club Fitter, Golf Club Builder, or Club Repair Service. Some shops even offer emergency club repair, or mobile service 'at your door, or on the course'.

If you have any questions about specific club fitting technology or testing, such as: frequency testing, spine aligning, iron bending, etc., be sure to contact each fitter you are interested in for info.


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